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Calandro’s Christmas Rare Liquor / Beer Event!  (…or “Pappy’s Back with his St. Arnold’s Firkin*”) – Thursday, 12/17/2015 | Perkins | 5p-8p

Calandro’s Christmas Rare Liquor / Beer Event! (…or “Pappy’s Back with his St. Arnold’s Firkin*”) – Thursday, 12/17/2015 | Perkins | 5p-8p

Merry “Whiskey - Pappy - Pumpkinator - Bourbon - Old Rasputin - Saint Arnold - Firkin*” Christmas! Another year, another round of questions about rare whiskies, beers, and whatnot for Christmas: Where’s the Pappy? Y’all getting any George T. Stagg? Did Taylor sell his soul for some Goose Island RARE Bourbon County Stout?   Well - it just so happens that this year, just like last, we’ve got some very merry answers.  This Thursday, December 17th, 2015, Calandro’s Perkins will be doing a Rare Liquor/Beer Tasting and Raffle from 5pm-8pm.  Details below:   First, at 5pm, we will have Saint Arnold here, in full force, with Christmas knick-knacks (St. Arnold’s prayer candles anyone?) and gifts for that beer lover in your life, topped off by a tasting, right off of a genuine, old world Beer Firkin*, of Saint Arnold Barrel-Aged Pumpkinator beer. Second, and also starting around 5pm, we’ll have other various wine and liquor tastings and specials around the store of stuff that will make awesome Xmas Stocking Stuffers. Third, we will open up registration for our Rare Beer and Whiskey Raffle (see item specifics below) where you donate $5 to the Wounded Warrior Project to get entered into the raffle. Then, at 7pm, we will be pulling names for our Rare Beer and Whiskey Items (see item specifics below) and whoever’s number is pulled out of the hat will get the opportunity to buy that rare item at the normal, reasonable, retail price. And finally, even after the raffle @7pm, we will continue tasting and celebrating and having a Merry Firkin* Christmas until the crowd disperses or 8:00pm hits (whichever comes sooner).   So if you’re into beer, liquor, or wine, you want any easy...
LSU Kickoff Week:  WAFB Facebook Fan of the Week – $100 Gift Certificate

LSU Kickoff Week: WAFB Facebook Fan of the Week – $100 Gift Certificate

LSU Kickoff Week + Calandro’s Supermarket + WAFB Channel 9 = $100 Calandro’s Gift Certificate! If you’re in or around Baton Rouge (or - who are we kidding - really Louisiana as a whole) and you haven’t been hibernating through this “cold” summer and/or living under a rock, then you’ve at least heard LSU is playing Wisconsin @ Reliant Stadium in Houston, TX on Saturday Night (and will be handing the Badgers their…tail, no doubt). But it’s highly likely if you’re reading this, that you’ve not only heard, but you’re like us and CAN’T WAIT for LSU Tiger Football to get rolling with a big win against the Badgers. Well - we just couldn’t let such a momentus occassion, with all of the remote tailgating and game-watching parties that go with it, go by without giving you all a shot at something really useful and awesome to get ready to make the Badgers Tiger Bait. So we teamed up with WAFB on their Facebook Fan of the Week promotion and we’re giving away a $100 gift certificate to celebrate the start of the season. All you have to do is go to this link: …and follow the instructions to get multiple entries to win $100 by liking us on Facebook, sharing about Calandro’s on Facebook, etc. So sign up for your shot at $100 (and good luck), down with Wisconsin, and...
Calandro’s Featured on WAFB Facebook Fan of the Week!

Calandro’s Featured on WAFB Facebook Fan of the Week!

1. Do you LOVE Calandro’s Supermarket?   2. Are you on Facebook?   3. Do you like free money for making groceries at Calandro’s?   If the answer to those three simple questions is yes, then WAFB Channel 9 News and Calandro’s have you covered with the Facebook Fan of the Week contest.  The contest is running from 4/11-4/18 and the prize for the lucky winner is a $100 Calandro’s Gift Certificate to use on anything in either of our stores! Details on what to do to enter (and even get more than one entry in the contest) are below. All you need to do is like us on Facebook: …enter the WAFB Facebook Fan of the Week contest: …and then SHARE the contest and your love for the store on your Facebook page. Good luck, and either way - we look forward to seeing you in the store AND on Facebook. ....
Do you hear the people sing?!

Do you hear the people sing?!

Do you hear the people sing? Singing the song of angry men? It is the music of the people wanting their Wild Turkey again! …If you sang along, we praise your beautiful singing! It’s the haunting, yet catchy melody from the famed musical “Les Miserables” about the French Revolution. Times might not be as pressing as was for the French in the 1700s, but the rising demand and diminishing supply of bourbon may be a forewarning of temporary bourbon shortages in 2014. Though, FEAR NOT, we’ve stocked up, and we promise none will go thirsty! Among the many tedious requirements to uphold its name, bourbon must be made from at least 51 percent corn, bottled at 80 proof, aged in new charred oak barrels etc. Most bourbons are aged for 4 years, but many premium bourbons are aged for as long as 8 years (and some, even higher- we have Barterhouse, aged 20 years on our shelf). Anyway, accessibility to some premium bourbons may begin to pose a problem, because the supply barreled years ago is currently being sold at such a rapid pace. Bourbon sales have increased by 40 percent in the past 5 years, according to Euromonitor. In the past 10 years, US exports have tripled, from $376 million in 2002 to $1 billion in 2013, according to the Distilled Spirits Council of the U.S. More than half of all whiskey sales make up high-end and super premium whiskeys, according to the research report on IBIS World. So, talking facts… The most important is — we have created our very own #BourbonWall in order to bar against possible long-term shortages. Yes,...

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