Calandro’s 3-Night Christmas Rare Liquor/Beer Event! (…or “Were you looking for Pappy?”)
  • Merry “Whiskey – Pappy – Utopia – Bourbon – Stout” Christmas!

    A lot of people have been asking us about rare whiskies and some “surprises” that may be coming out near Christmas.  Well – it just so happens that your Christmas wish may be granted.  This December 10th, 11th, and 12th, Calandro’s Perkins will be doing a Rare Liquor/Beer Event over 3 days.  We will be doing a lottery for each item, for each day (see items and their day below) and whoever’s name is pulled out of the hat will get the opportunity to buy that rare item at the normal, reasonable, retail price.  (If any of you remember last year when the Westvleteren Trappist was released, it will be a lot like that.)  But even if you don’t, it will be lots of fun anyway because we will likely be doing tastings, we will definitely have lots of yummy Calandro’s homemade hors d’oeuvres and other food, and lots of folks will be discussing their latest favorites in wine, liquor, and beer.

    How to Sign Up for the Lottery…

    To sign up, you simply need to come by the Perkins Rd. store, look for the large “Register Here…” sign at the front of the liquor dept. and fill out an entry sheet.  There you will find three boxes, one for each lottery day, and the entry sheets you fill out allow you to select what you’re interested in.

    Rules (to keep it all fair and fun)…

    A few more rules do go along with that to keep things fair, so please review:
    1. Limit one entry per person, per entry box.  Duplicate entries for the same person in one box will result in that person being disqualified.
    2. Winners must be at the Perkins store with a photo ID matching the name on the entry slip.
    3. Winners chosen will be given 5 minutes to present their ID and claim their bottle for purchase.  If they don’t present in that time, then another name will be drawn.
    4. Winners will have the opportunity, then, to buy the items at their fair retail prices (see below).  You also have the option to decline (and another name will be chosen) if you decide to change your mind on the purchase.
    5. The lottery will start at 7pm sharp.  Registration/Entry will end 30 minutes prior to the drawing (so 6:30pm) so make sure you get entered between now and the lottery day if you can’t be here by 6:30pm the day of.
    6. Each person entered can only win one bottle of each unique item. However, if you check off for more than one unique item per night on your slip (and I certainly would if I were you…), and you happen to win, you won’t be able to win again for that item, but your name will go back in the hat for the others you signed up for.

    What and When?

    In any case, without further ado, here are the items that will be part of the lottery along with the price the winners will pay and the quantity we have (and rest assured that we’ve secured the following in an off-site safe location for the time-being so it will be safe until the winners get to buy it):
    • Tuesday, Dec. 10th – “Buffalo Trace Antique Collection Night” – Entries in the Red Box
      • Thomas H. Handy (Antique Collection) – $79.99 – 3 bottles
      • William Larue Weller (Antique Collection) – $79.99 – 1 bottle
      • Eagle Rare 17yr (Antique Collection) – $79.99 – 2 bottles
      • Sazerac 18yr (Antique Collection) – $79.99 – 1 bottle
      • George T. Stagg (Antique Collection) – $79.99 – 3 bottles
    • Wednesday, Dec. 11th – “Old Van Winkle’s Utopia Night” – Entries in the Silver Box
      • 4 Roses 125th Anniversary Bourbon – $79.99 – 1 bottle
      • Old Rip Van Winkle 10yr – $69.99 – 2 bottles
      • Van Winkle Family Reserve 12yr “Lot B” – $79.99 – 3 bottles
      • Sam Adams Utopia – $179.99 – 1 bottle
    • Thursday, Dec. 12th – “Pappy Van Winkle’s GI Bourbon Stout Night” – Pappy entries in the Gold Box and GI Bourbon Stout entries in the Green Box
      • Pappy Van Winkle 15yr – $119.99 – 3 bottles
      • Pappy Van Winkle 20yr – $179.99 – 3 bottles
      • GI Bourbon Stout (11.2oz) – $5.99 – 20 bottles

    So make sure and come by ahead of time, sign up (remember – only once per box!), and then join us on Dec. 10-12 for a great time!

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  • Debbie muse 11.27.2013

    Very interested in the” Pappy “! See you on the 12th

  • Looking forward to possibly getting the Bourbon Stout!

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