Calandro’s Flood Stock Update (as of 11:00pm on Tuesday, 8/16): We have some GREAT news (especially considering our last update)! With the help of some awesome folks over at @agbatonrouge, we have just received resupply trucks at both of our locations. Eggs, water, meat, produce, paper products, frozen foods, and a whole bunch of other items that had been depleted will start to be restocked tomorrow morning.

First thing in the morning, we will focus at both stores on stocking absolute essentials like water, eggs, & produce so that the stores have key items out for purchase as early as possible. We will then continue stocking everything else from today’s mammoth delivery.

We suspect it will be very hard to stay fully stocked with the incredible demand right now, so please expect items to go quickly. However, rest assured, we will do the very best we can to keep our Baton Rouge community stocked.

Thank you for your patience, and we’ll see you soon.
Please stay safe and God bless.

#BRstrong #unBRoken

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