Calandro’s Flood Stock Update (as of 1:40p on Tuesday, 8/16): Yesterday we had said here on social media that we were expecting trucks to arrive with a resupply at both Calandro’s locations by 3pm today. However, because of staffing and logistical issues around the area with flooded homes, streets, etc., it does not appear we will receive a resupply until tomorrow (Wednesday, 8/17). We do not know the time it will arrive at this point.

We did receive bread & milk today, but stock is low in these areas and we are out of water & eggs, a lot of produce, and most of our meat. Center store grocery items such as cereal, canned goods, etc. are still OK at this time.

When we get more information, or if this changes, we will pass it along on our social media outlets. We will be open our normal hours at both stores unless something changes.

Thanks for bearing with us during this unprecedented disaster in South Louisiana.

Please stay safe and, as always, God bless.

#brstrong #unBReakable

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