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Help us, WBRZ Channel 2, the Baton Rouge Clinic, and the Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Feed a Family in 2014

Join us at Calandro’s Government St. in Mid-City on Friday, October 24th as we host the WBRZ Channel 2 / Baton Rouge Clinic / Greater Baton Rouge Food Bank Feed a Family Friday collection event!  WBRZ’s 2une-In News Crew will kick off their morning broadcast in our parking lot @ 5am (just look for their big 18-wheeler trailer in our side lot) where volunteers will be collecting food, monetary, and other donations to feed families in need going in to the 2014 Holiday Season.  Calandro’s will open at extra early at 6am and we will have our Deli preparing their hot, delicious (somewhat-Mid-Cities-famous) breakfast dishes.  The fun and giving will continue as WBRZ continues to do live shots and have special guests mixed in throughout the day for this wonderful charitable event.


Please join us if you can – if you have it, bring along some items to donate, and if you don’t have anything with you to donate, please consider coming by the store, visiting with us, and buying some items to donate just outside our doors for such a great cause!

If you can’t join us, please consider dropping by your local Calandro’s and/or many other establishments around town another day, find the white Feed a Family Food Drive barrels, and donate there when you get a chance – the drive goes until October 31st, so there’s plenty of time…

More details about the month-long Feed a Family Food Drive going on right now can be found below and by clicking here.

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