Happy Thanksgiving to all!

We are so blessed at Calandro’s to be surrounded by such great people – our family, our friends, our incredible employees, the best customers in the world, and a multitude of partners and vendors that we work with daily.  On this Thanksgiving Day, we just wanted to say how thankful we are for all of these wonderful folks – our extended Calandro’s Supermarket family – because it is these people and relationships that are at the core of what has, for nearly 74 years, and will continue to make us the special place that we are.

With that in mind, we had a wonderful chance last week to celebrate #ACalandrosThanksgiving with many of these folks and put a beautiful finishing touch on The Advocate’s Thanksgiving Recipe Contest that we sponsored.  We had the winner’s dishes from the Recipe Contest prepared (and gobs of customers got to taste and appreciate the Thanksgiving culinary talents of the Baton Rouge community):


Recipe Cards

Click on the image for a printable PDF of the winning Thanksgiving Contest 2014 Recipes!


…we had our hand-picked wine pairings for each dish:


3x10 Recipe Wine Ad REVISED

Click on the image for a printable PDF with a description of the wine pairing choices we made for each winning Thanksgiving Contest dish!


…we had some of our very best local vendors including Delightful Palate, Millitello’s, Ruth’s Hummus, Re: Salad Dressing, and Malco’s Magificent Salsa sampling wonderful Thanksgiving-y dishes using their awesome products, and best of all, all of the Winners and most of the Finalists of the contest actually joined us at our Perkins Road store to talk about their recipes and dishes, taste the food and wines on display, and pick up their certificates and awards for the event:

Thanks so much, everyone, for such a wonderful event, and again – Happy Thanksgiving!


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