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Chef Johnny “Jambalaya” Percle is reintroducing the salad dressing/marinade he made famous while executive chef at Nottoway Plantation in White Castle. The salad dressing, which is a zesty-flavored Italian-style vinaigrette, is being manufactured for Percle by Kajun Kettle Foods in New Orleans and marketed under the new label “Chef Johnny Jambalaya’s Herb Dressing & Marinade.”

Mac Rebennack, better known as New Orleans musician Dr. John, is helping Percle promote the salad dressing. Their marketing slogan, “Add soul to your bowl,” is taken from a song written and recorded by Percle, “Soul in Ya’ Bowl: Recipes for the Good Life.”

Chef Johnny Jambalaya’s Herb Dressing & Marinade is sold in 16-ounce bottles at Rouses supermarkets, Pay Less supermarkets, Daigle’s in White Castle, Calandro’s, Matherne’s and Benoit’s Cajun Meat Specialties in Addis. The product retails for $5.99. Chef Johnny Jambalaya’s Herb Dressing & Marinade is also sold in gallon containers for food service use.

For information, call (985) 414-9328.

The salad dressing pairs well with leafy greens and sliced squash and zucchini. It’s also an excellent marinade for steamed or roasted vegetables, chicken or shrimp.

— Tested by Tommy Simmons and Cheramie Sonnier

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