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…one of our New Years resolutions was to get in-touch more with our inner selfie…

New Year, New You, right?  Well – one of our New Years resolutions was to get in-touch more with our inner selfie and get with the decade by creating an Instagram page for Calandro’s.  Bear with us as we’re still newbies at ‘gram-ing the Insta’ (as [noone] likes to say), but make sure you follow us* because believe you me – we’ve got (and will be continuing to add) many, many delicious Instagrams for all of you out there on the interwebs.

* If you don’t want to follow us and/or aren’t Instagram savvy, like we were until this year, our Instagrams will generally be shared on our Facebook and Twitter pages as well.  So follow** us there.

** If this follow thing is foreign (or you’re just not into any social media), we will also have our very latest Instagrams at the bottom of this post AND in a little widget on the right side of every page on  So you can keep up with the latest at our own website too!


Latest Calandro’s Instagrams:

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