Help Us Crown the King or Queen of Thanksgiving Recipes!

Wanna try the very best Thanksgiving recipes and gourmet foods that Baton Rouge has to offer?  Then join us on 11/20/2014, from 3pm-8pm at Calandro’s Perkins, for our very first #ACalandrosThanksgiving event.  Award-Winning, local Thanksgiving recipes, Thanksgiving wine pairings, Thanksgiving gourmet food vendors with yummy selections, etc.  And it all culminates in the awesome finish to The Advocate & Calandro’s Thanksgiving Recipe Contest, where the winning recipes from each of the competition’s four categories – appetizer, side dish, entree, and dessert – that were published in the ‘Eat. Play. Live.’ section of the Advocate on 11/20, will be prepared at Calandro’s for you all to enjoy (and grab the recipe for if you like them)!

In fact, there will be so much going on that I’m just gonna go right to all of the Thanksgiving greatness with a list:

  • We will start at 3pm (and go until 8pm) with gourmet food and excellent wine tastings, from local vendors, all over the store.
  • Then, at 5pm, our in-house culinary experts are going to prepare and sample the dishes that won first place in each category of The Advocate & Calandro’s Thanksgiving Recipe Contest for anyone who stops by.
  • At 6pm, we will present the finalists and winning chefs in each category of the contest with their prizes and crown them the “King or Queen of Thanksgiving Recipes” in each category.
  • From 6pm-8pm, anyone that’s here will be able to sample the winning dishes along with Calandro’s hand-selected wines specifically paired with each dish, speak with the winning chefs themselves about their recipes, and then pick up the ingredients for the recipes to make at home.

So as you can see – it will be quite the event – and a great kickoff to Thanksgiving week where you can enjoy yourself, taste and then pick up some Thanksgiving recipes that are just spectacular, and then get ahead of stocking your own pantry for Thanksgiving the very next week.

* Also – don’t forget – Calandro’s Deli makes Thanksgiving easy if you don’t want to cook with our Thanksgiving Special Orders program.  From Fried Turkey to Glazed Holiday Ham to your favorite Thanksgiving Side Dishes, we make everything for you so you can pick it up the day before Thanksgiving and just heat it up for an awesome Thanksgiving feast on Nov. 27th.

Check out the Thanksgiving Special Orders Program Here!


So join us on Thursday, Nov. 20th, at Calandro’s Perkins from 3pm-8pm and find out what #ACalandrosThanksgiving is all about!

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