Like trying new, interesting, and Jay Ducote yum-approved things?


Like 5% off (of ALL your groceries)?


Like Calandro’s Supermarket and Bite & Booze (radio, blog, tv, etc.)?


Then – you’re gonna like this promo.  Calandro’s and Bite & Booze have teamed up to bring you the Bite & Booze Featured 5.

The long and short of it is – if you throw at least one of each of the five items, families, or brands of products that are featured in the #Featured5 in your basket, then you get 5% off your basket.  Of everything.  Yes.  Your whole basket.  So spend $15 bucks and get $0.75 off. (Ok, ok, doesn’t seem like much in that case.)

spend $300 on a whole grocery trip worth of stuff…and you get $15 bucks (5%) off.

But hey – spend $300 on a whole grocery trip worth of stuff – gourmet stuff, fresh stuff, staples, bakery, prime beef, flowers, whatever – and you get $15 bucks off.


#Featured5 Theme for September 2014:  LSU & SAINTS Tailgating

Here’s what you’ve gotta throw in your basket to get the discount:

  • Any Calandro’s Homemade Cheese Spreads or Dips []
    • Check out all of our Cheese Spreads and Dips in the Deli of either of our stores (great for a quick, tasty tailgating snack)…
  • Any Zapp’s Potato Chips product []
    • Any size bag of any of their many different (awesome) flavors of chips (Zapp’s is a tailgating staple here in the deep South)…
  • Re: Salad Dressing []
    • Re:’s wonderful Salad Dressing (makes a great marinade, pasta salads, etc. – all tailgating musts)!
  • Any package of Calandro’s Ground Beef (or Pre-Made Patties) []
    • If its ground beef that we made out of meat market of any kind – sirloin, chuck, etc. – it fits (um…tailgate grilling?)!
  • Jay D’s Louisiana Barbecue Sauce [http:/]
    • Yep – Jay Ducote / Bite & Booze’s very own sauce (the ULTIMATE tailgating barbecue sauce)…

There are no limits to how often you can do this.  There are no limits to the amount you buy or the amount we discount (high or low).  It’s simple.  Put these 5 items in your basket – 5% off everything in that basket.

A few more notes on the #Featured5:

  • When?  We will be rotating the #Featured5 items roughly on a monthly basis, so there will be opportunities throughout the year to try 5 different new things and get the discount.
  • Where?  If you come through the store, the #Featured5 will be front and center at the front of the stores in a display where you can grab all of the items being featured that month as you come in (except for stuff we have to keep cold, in which case you can just grab the item while you’re shopping).
  • What?  If you just want to check and see what this month’s #Featured5 items are without having to come in, we’re also advertising on the web (at the Bite & Booze Facebook, Twitter, and blog and Calandro’s Facebook, Twitter, and blog) and the Bite & Booze Radio Show on Talk107.3 on Saturday’s at 5pm.  So if you listen to the radio show and keep up with us online, you’ll know the absolute latest on this awesome promo.  We might even up the discount amount at times too, so stay tuned.  And if you forget which items are part of the five, you can always look for the tags hanging on the shelves like you see in the pics below to know what to get:

So – as the co-founder of this wonderful grocery store – my italian grandmother – would say:

Bite and Booze #Featured5.  Capiche?  (Capiche.)

See you in the store for your #Featured5 %5 off then.

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