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Crawfish season is in full swing and we’ve got 10 sommelier selected wine pairings to spice up your boil!🦞🦞🦞

🍾1-Division Musical Chairs ($25)
🍾2-Früg Grüner Veltliner ($20)
🍾3-Gonc Dry Yellow Muscat ($19)
🍾4-Pablo Fallabrino Arnies Chardonnay ($18)
🔸5-2000 Leguas Amber Wine ($16)
🥂6-Pétulante Pét Nat ($25)
🥂7-Fourny &Fils Champagne ($70)
🍷8-Vending Machine Wine Dive ($21)
🍷9-Foradori Lezèr Rosso ($24)
🍷10-Cuvée Terrasses Coujan ($18)

Ps-Give those reds a 20 minute chill and enjoy! #calandrosmkt

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