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Ha! Uncle Charlie-Scrooge’s last visit was by the Ghost of Christmas Future. And to his wine-loving chagrin & long story short, the future was still #BOURBON and he was magically transported to a crowded walk along the Kentucky Bourbon Trail. He hemmed and hawed and argued and debated that old ghost to an impasse – of course, that French & Italian Wines were far, far superior to any brownwater out of Kentucky (or elsewhere).

And to our surprise (not really), Uncle Charlie-Scrooge “won” with the Ghost of Christmas Future – and an exhausted ghost walked away with his other two brethren shaking their collective heads. Uncle Charlie-Scrooge’s heart was still French Burgundy colored and grumpy, and nothing they could say or do or show would change that.

BUT – because of all the good cheer he experienced with all the boozies he encountered on his trips, he decided to be a little nicer to all and released the rare bourbons and whiskey’s he collected on that fateful trip – on Christmas Eve afternoon in @ Calandro’s Mid-City no less! Swipe left for all 4 picks of what you can get last, last, lastlastlast minute before Xmas Eve night!

* Remember – Mid-City only — one bottle per customer on these — extremely limited — you gotta mention the “Uncle Charlie-Scrooge Instagram Special” to buy — and we close at 5pm so get here quick or it’ll be too late! *

–> And with that, and after a little Italian wine tasting with the 3 ghosts before they left, Uncle Charlie-Scrooge told us to say “MERRY CHRISTMAS to All, and to ALL a WINE-FILLED Night!” <--🥃🍷⛄🎅🦌#unclecharliescroogewon #rarebourbonsforall #merryxmas #getherequick

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