So last night late, the Ghost of Christmas Present visited Uncle Charlie-the-Scrooge and showed him that wine just wasn’t everything these days. People today enjoy all the boozes – and while it seems whiskey is all the rage – don’t forget the full hearts of the #beergeeks and #beergeekettes out there.

Don’t know that this ghost managed to do much to change Uncle Charlie’s Grinch heart, but he did admit: “Bah hum…well – wait. I understand the youngins! I drink beer occasionally and when I do it’s…BUDWEISER. The KING of beers. Right?”

…at which point the Ghost of Xmas Present shook his head and proceeded to lay out the vast landscape of dank IPAs, artisan seltzers, craft local goses, and even GAVE him some holiday favorite, very sought after bourbon-barrel aged favorites to show him how much he’s been missing.

And clearly he hadn’t changed because he told McKeah – “BAH HUMBUG. If it ain’t BUD, I don’t want it here!”

Thus it is now for sale at Calandro’s Mid-City on Christmas Eve – gotta listen to the boss!

*So again – one bottle per customer and extremely limited. Be here first this morning, mention “Instagram Uncle Charlie-the-Scrooge Special” and get that last minute stout lover on your list knocked out, courtesy of the Calandro’s Ghost of Christmas Present!*


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