Government Street: (225) 383-7815 • Perkins Road: (225) 767-6659


@terranceosborne is coming back for his third year on the afternoon of Feb. 2nd, 2018 (4p-6p) to celebrate #MardiGras with us @Calandro’s Perkins, hand out & sign posters of his incredible #colorist art for @officialbarqs & @cocacola, and help us determine the crowd-favorite Calandro’s #kingcake flavor for 2018! Mark it down on the calendar and join us, won’t ya?
#bakery #kingcakecrowning #coloristart #terranceosborne #barqs #grocery #news #events #localarts .
(@artscouncilgbr – Tagging you guys because we figured you might be interested in attending and/or getting the word out if some local BR #artists might be interested in meeting Mr. Osborne while he’s in town!)

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