Welp…Uncle Charlie-Scrooge must’ve been visited by the Ghost of Christmas past, and taken to a prior wine trip many years ago in Japan, because he inexplicably brought back some incredible Japanese whiskeys that we hardly see around here.

He still hasn’t quite come around to the Christmas spirit though, because he still told Kevin “BAH HUMBUG and move ’em outta here!” – I guess because they aren’t his favorite Old World Wines? Go figure…

Oh well – his loss…YOUR Xmas gain!

**Again – these are Calandro’s Mid-City only and one bottle per customer. They will not just be out – you’ll have to ask for the “Uncle Charlie-Scrooge Instagram Special” so we know you saw this online.**

But they are AWESOME and really hard to get right now – so get here quick if you have a Japanese whiskey lover on your gift list for Christmas!

…and tell Uncle Charlie – in the loudest happiest way possible – MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Maybe you’ll be the one to melt his Scrooge heart this year!


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